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1. Wet Wifey MILF Wet Wifey MILF Review Sample Thumbnail
High quality site featuring a really hot MILF amateur wife and her exciting life in pics and vids. A good selection of solo, with husband and even some pregnancy stuff mixed in.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Mar 10th, 2008
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

2. I'm A Nympho I'm A Nympho Review Sample Thumbnail
Alanna isn't like most other amateur solo girls out to make some extra loot. The cheddar is second to her sex addiction. This blonde and her hubby have been swinging for years and this site archives their adventures with friends, strangers, and even members. Get access to all kinds of extras when you join.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Dec 14th, 2007  Updated: Dec 27th, 2007
Cost Details: $5.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

3. Reality Wife Reality Wife Review
Kari is one of the finest looking amateur MILF's you're going to find on the net, my friends. She's also pretty generous with the content she provides her members. She gives excellent hummers and absolutely loves to masturbate. It'd be nice if she provided some sort of member interaction.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $25.00 Monthly

4. Naughty Julie Naughty Julie Review Sample Thumbnail
Julie has a better body than most hot 18-year-olds and she's 29. Her members enjoy watching as she fucks herself, men, women, and all three at the same time in large group orgies. She's an amateur slut that will prove to satisfy you with every one of her updates.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Apr 14th, 2010
Cost Details: $29.99 Monthly

5. Cherry Petite Cherry Petite Review
CheeryPetite.com is a solo amateur girl site with a beautiful design that features a tiny nymphomaniac that provides her members with a small archive of vids and pics.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

6. My Sex Life My Sex Life Review
This is the front-end to several different sites broken up by niche that feature this long-legged beauty in action. In other words, this nymphomaniac does it all; masturbation, fetish practices, girl-on-girl, hardcore, you name it. The pics and movies are lumped together making it difficult to find the respective media, but altogether, a quality site.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Jul 7th, 2008
Cost Details: $3.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

7. Georgia's Peach Georgia's Peach Review
Welcome to the site of the all-natural amateur sex maniac, Georgia Peach. You'll catch this cutie in exclusive hardcore, lesbian and solo videos and picture sets as a member.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Apr 4th, 2008  Updated: Jan 27th, 2009
Cost Details: $26.95 Monthly

8. Justine's Bedroom Justine's Bedroom Review
Justine is a cute chick with one thing on her mind. Sex! She has a shitload of pics and vids featuring her and her friends fooling around, both guys and girls. Upon signing up, you also gain access to two of her girlfriends' sites.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Jan 16th, 2009
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

9. Naughty Alysha Naughty Alysha Review
NaughtyAlysha.com is the official website of a swinging blonde amateur MILF that will fuck anything at any size. For this tramp, bigger is better. This is definitely one of the finer amateur sites I've reviewed.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $24.88 Monthly

10. Foxy Anya Foxy Anya Review Sample Thumbnail
Aside from being gorgeous, Anya is known for her long dark hair and lengthy fingernails. Her hair is past her waist and her fingernails are two inches long. Members of FoxyAnya.com gain access to her large archive of exclusive content that extends all the way back to '99. They also enjoy a forum and frequent webcam shows.

Overall Rating
First Listed: May 13th, 2008  Updated: Sep 28th, 2010
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

11. Our XXX Life Our XXX Life Review Sample Thumbnail
OurXXXLife.com chronicles the sex lives of husband and wife Julie and Chris Adams, and all their married and single friends they invite in the sack with them. Download movies and photos at stellar qualities of this couple in twos, threes and moresomes.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 30th, 2009
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

12. I Love You Melanie I Love You Melanie Review
ILoveYouMelanie.com features amateur hottie Melanie, her luscious ta-tas, and her sexy ILoveYou girlfriends teasing each other, playing with toys, and fucking the real thing. Gain access to the other ILoveYou girls' sites when you join this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Apr 16th, 2008  Updated: Nov 24th, 2008
Cost Details: $4.90 Trial  $34.90 Monthly

13. Celeste Fox Celeste Fox Review Sample Thumbnail
Clean and well organized site of exclusive videos and picture sets showing Celeste Fox going to town on guys, gals and herself. Members have full access to 12 other sites when they join.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: May 10th, 2010
Cost Details: $2.95 Trial  $29.99 Monthly

14. Brandi Belle Brandi Belle Review Sample Thumbnail
BrandiBelle.com is one of the more popular solo girl sites, not necessarily because Brandi is extraordinarily hot, but because she gives her members a fucking great time inside her site. That, and she's a raging nymphomaniac slut that'll fuck anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Sep 10th, 2010
Cost Details: $2.95 Trial  $23.95 Monthly

15. Susan Reno Susan Reno Review Sample Thumbnail
Amateur MILF Susan Reno only does black guys, and as a member of her site, you get to watch this white beauty go interracial, big time. Gain access to a bunch of other sites when you join.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Apr 16th, 2010
Cost Details: $14.95 Trial  $22.95 Monthly

16. Jody Love Jody Love Review
JodyLove.com is the solo girl site for a 21-year-old babe that will do anything in front of the camera for her members. You'll see her strip, masturbate, suck cock, and eat pussy. Hang out in her forums or get up-close and personal with her during her webcam sessions.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $24.97 Monthly

17. Tiffany Preston Tiffany Preston Review
A growing collection of exclusive videos and picture sets featuring sexy Tiffany Preston posing in sexy lingerie, servicing cock and playing the dominant role. Gain access to one other fetish site upon joining this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jan 11th, 2008  Updated: Feb 13th, 2008
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

18. I Love You Celeste I Love You Celeste Review
There's a lot of sexual energy packed into Celeste's petite teen body. She can't weigh anymore than 100 pounds yet she can cram a foot long dildo three inches in diameter deep in her ass. Members to ILoveYouCeleste.com have access to content of the blonde in all kinds of hardcore action.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Apr 23rd, 2008  Updated: Feb 2nd, 2009
Cost Details: $4.90 Trial  $34.90 Monthly

19. Petite Asian Jasmine Petite Asian Jasmine Review Sample Thumbnail
Jasmine is a cute, amateur Asian babe who loves showing off her body, playing with cock and fucking around with her girlfriends, but there's one thing she likes to keep secret.... her identity. She'll show you every inch of her ultra horny body in HD, but if she's not wearing sunglasses, you'll never see her face. Guess you'll have to use that imagination of yours.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 3rd, 2010  Updated: Jul 30th, 2010
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

20. Casey Parker Casey Parker Review Sample Thumbnail
If you dig surfer chicks, wait till you feast your eyes on this sexy blonde and her kinky ways. Casey Parker "loves a good wave as much as she likes the Cali boys that ride them." Wait till you see the things she does in her exclusive material.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Jul 6th, 2010
Cost Details: $28.96 Monthly

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