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Black Vagina Finder

Black Vagina Finder Review

Listed: 12/17/2007    Updated: 12/16/2009

BlackVaginaFinder.com can be your destination to all the ghetto pussy you'd ever want to see. This thug picks up black hoes off the streets and brings them home to film them giving him head. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $29.95
Black (main)
Movie Details:
Quantity: 200+ Movies
Avg Length:7 Minutes
Formats:MPEG, WMV
Bit Rates:1500Kbps
Screen Caps:No
Photography Details:
Quantity: 275+ Galleries
Zip Files:No
Exclusive: Yes
Update Schedule:
Black Vagina Finder Review
Billing Methods:Credit Card

Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 12.2 of 15
Navigation: 10.1 of 15
Quality: 13.2 of 20
Quantity: 16.5 of 20
Originality: 15.0 of 15
Updates: 11.6 of 15
Niche Rank: 4 of 81
Overall Rank: 478 of 4517

The Good

Incredibly unique exclusive content featuring amateur black women sucking cock.
The site has a lot of personality with entertaining descriptions and bonus vids.
Tons of content.

The Bad

Site design is as basic as I've seen online making it difficult to browse content.
Lack of video download options.
Videos are short.

Bottom Line

I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had in here. I didn't want to leave. I laughed my ass off at all the descriptions written about these hoodrats. The POV videos are classic too. The site design leaves a lot to be desired, but that's to be expected from an amateur site like this.

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Black Vagina Finder Full Review

"The amount of new, never-before seen ghetto ass out there on the streets is STAGGERING!!!" That quote was lifted directly from an exclusive digital picture set profile I found that members gain access to inside of the site BlackVaginaFinder.com. The black vagina finder (BVF), a true playa with mad hunting skills, drives around the ghetto in search of the nastiest, skankiest, filthiest black whores on the streets. Once they skank hop into the back of his van or head back to his crib, the clothes come off and the handheld cam goes on. The majority of these videos and picture sets feature these whores giving head and/or stripping. Some fuck, but not many. And because BVF considers himself "an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Pimp", members will enjoy seeing the occasional set featuring a white ho. Actually, as I write this, members are enjoying what the BVF calls "White Bitch Week". Basically, if a chick is ghetto he'll put his dick in her mouth. He's so in tune with these hoodrats that when he sees one with crooked teeth, he knows that she sucked her thumb as a kid indicating that she's gotta be good at smoking pole too.

Now, don't go joining this site expecting much out of the design. BVF maintains it entirely by himself. Therefore, he leaves things very basic. When I say "basic", I mean as basic as you're going to find online. The site is made up of four pages; the homepage, photo section, video section, and bonus section. The homepage is all text with a note telling members to not trade their passwords saying he'll catch you. That's what I love about BVF. He tells it like it is. He doesn't hold back one bit. He makes it known that this is his site and he does things the way he wants them done. And you know what? It works. Both the picture section and video section arrange the content on one page in rows and columns.

Each set is represented by a thumb from the action. Clicking a thumb in the picture section directs members to that set's profile, which comes equipped with the picture set and a lengthy description of what the situation was all about. He talks about how he found the ho, what she was like, and whether or not she was any good at giving head. Every ho gets a nick name too. There's Oil Slick, Cocoa Puffs, Half Ass, Pancakes, Bacon, Woozy, the list goes on and on and on. Bacon was my favorite. He named her "Bacon" because he ran out of names to describe super dark-skinned black chicks, so he said, "Fuck it! Her name is Bacon." Clicking on a thumb in the video section launches the video. There are no download options. Each video is encoded in one file format at one bit rate. Most are available in the MPEG format, but you'll find the occasional video encoded in WMV as well. The video quality isn't the greatest, but you shouldn't be expecting much out of homemade, gonzo style POV videos like these. The audio is good and the video is tolerable. The bonus video section is huge and gives members access to mainstream black porn videos. The entire page is presented in text, except for a few bonus videos at the bottom. Clicking a link gives members launches the video.

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