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Bond Anime

Bond Anime Review

Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 04/14/2009

BondAnime.com represents hardcore bondage through anime in the vids and pics available inside. The artwork is fantastic and the women being tortured and fucked are drawn to perfection. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $29.95
Trial:1-days ($1.00) recurs at $29.95
Anime & Hentai (main)
Movie Details:
Quantity: 334+ Movies (Full DVDs)
Avg Length:45 Minutes
Formats:WMV, Flash
Bit Rates:3000Kbps, 1500Kbps
Screen Caps:Yes
Update Schedule:
Weekly - Two full DVDs released weekly.
Bond Anime Review
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Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 12.3 of 15
Navigation: 12.7 of 15
Quality: 16.2 of 20
Quantity: 17.2 of 20
Originality: 12.2 of 15
Updates: 12.1 of 15
Niche Rank: 2 of 63
Overall Rank: 198 of 4517

The Good

High quality video available in flash.
Frequent updates.
Artwork is excellent from DVD to DVD.

The Bad

DVDs are not available in clips.

Bottom Line

The only major complaint I have is that the DVDs are not made available in clips. Otherwise, everything about the site is ace! The content quality is fantastic, the artwork is even better, there's a ton to see, and updates come frequently.

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Bond Anime Full Review

We had a second look at this site on 04/14/2009
Previous Rating: 78.7
Updated Rating: 82.7

The only major complaint that we had about this site back when we first reviewed it is no longer a problem. The site used to lack video viewing options. It only gave members the option to download the videos in one file format. Since then they've encoded their videos in the flash video format. Otherwise the site is exactly the same as it was, which is a good thing considering the site had very few things about it that needed to change.

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And now on to the review...

The greatest thing about anime is the fact that the possibilities are endless. The more heightened the imagination of the artist, the more outrageous the artwork becomes. Women are drawn to perfection with flawless bodies, cute faces, tight waists, firm asses, and ridiculously large, heavy tits. Situations and plot lines completely defy reality, but always seem to remain within the realm of what all of us perverts would like to actually see happen in real life. Take for instance the DVD I watched at BondAnime.com that featured a beauteous woman bound in ropes and forced to have an orgasm by the hands of three rabid men. She tried to convince the men she wasnít enjoying herself, but her inch long clit and waves of pussy juice proved otherwise.

The artwork at BondAnime.com varies from DVD to DVD with all kinds of unique styles, but one thing is for certain, every artist is a professional. The site itself is easy on the eyes with a nice graphical layout. The home page is arranged with a navigation menu, update schedule, access to the other sites on the network, and DVDs arranged by update in rows and columns that continue across several pages. The DVDs can be situated by title, rating, or update in both ascending and descending order. Clicking on ďFull DVDsĒ in the navigation menu presents members with a column of DVDs that come represented by the box cover, a description of the DVD, the title, the release date, and the DVDís overall rating. Each DVD has its own profile which comes equipped with the entire video available in flash and in the wmv file format encoded at one bit rate. The latest releases have incredible video quality. Even the older releases encoded at a lower bit rate are the same quality as that of a DVD. The flash video looked pretty good. i was most impressed with how quickly that it buffered. It made it easy for me to advance to any part of a scene quickly. I also like how other volumes for the series are made available from the DVDís profile. Itís from the DVD profile that members can also rate the DVD.

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