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Burning Angel

Burning Angel Review

Listed: 07/18/2008    Updated: 09/08/2010

Best In Niche This is an adult social networking site like no other. BurningAngel.com is a community website where punk chicks, goth chicks, freaky chicks, tattooed chicks, and pierced chicks come together to provide members with a large collection of exclusive content and all kinds of fun bonus stuff. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $14.00
3-month:$29.00 recurring
Gothic (main) , Piercings & Tattoos
Also Featured In: Miss Fits
Movie Details:
Quantity: 136+ Movies
Avg Length:20 Minutes
Formats:WMV, Quicktime
Bit Rates:2000Kbps, 260Kbps
Screen Caps:Yes
Photography Details:
Quantity: 912+ Galleries
Zip Files:No
Exclusive: Yes
Update Schedule:
Weekly - Average of four a week.
Forums, Interviews, Music Reviews, Game Reviews, Event Schedule, Street Team
Burning Angel Review
Support:Member Support Legal Docs:2257 Records Billing Methods:Credit Card

Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 13.2 of 15
Navigation: 13.4 of 15
Quality: 16.9 of 20
Quantity: 15.7 of 20
Originality: 13.5 of 15
Updates: 12.2 of 15
Niche Rank: 1 of 14
Overall Rank: 116 of 4517

The Good

Totally exclusive content.
Tons and tons of extras.
Site navigates very well.

The Bad

Content quality could improve a little.
Not nearly as many videos as picture sets.

Bottom Line

I'd say this is a one-stop-shop for all you gothic and punk fanatics. There's so much to do and see at this site, and it's so easy to get around, too.

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Burning Angel Full Review

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We had a second look at this site on 09/08/2010
Previous Rating: 81.5
Updated Rating: 84.9

Content! That's the only change here. They've added a ton of content too. This is due to the fact the site continues to update just as frequently as they always have - average of four a week. Usually, when a site doesn't change, I gripe. Not here. This is only because the site hasn't really needed a change. It's designed beautifully and the content options are adequate. The only thing I'm hoping is improved the next time we come back is the video delivery. I want to see a streaming video option and some ultra-high quality HD videos.

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And now on to the review...

I don't believe I will ever grasp the punk or gothic lifestyle. It's just not in my blood. Of course, if there was one site that'd I'd consider looking into to cure any sort of curiosity, I'd definitely look into signing up with BurningAngel.com. Even the title is intriguing, isn't it? Well, there's more to this site than just exclusive pictures and videos, and I'll be sure to cover all of that in this review.

First of all, there is so much to do here that if you're getting bored at all while browsing this site, then I don't think there's anything in the world that will bring excitement into your life. All the models fit the bill in the theme of this site, but they all have their own little alternative flavor with the help of tattoos, makeup, style, and attitude. Some show more skin than others, and some even go as far as sucking and fucking cock or dyking out. And that's just covering the videos and photos. You also have tons of articles, interviews and music album reviews to read, Q&A's for Joanna's ass, nationwide events, a form to fill out for modeling and joining the street team. Did I cover it all? The home page as well as the navigation menu pretty much covers all this. In fact, the home page may seem a little cluttered with all this information on this page, but you'll appreciate it when you see how much is really offered at this site.

There are a few ways of going about browsing the videos and photo sets. Either you can browse by the models' names from the "Girls" section, or just click on the photo or video galleries separately, in the navigation menu. A drop down menu in the navigation bar allows for selecting a model's name out of the complete list as well. When you select to browse the models from the menu, they're automatically arranged alphabetically and by pages of 24 sets. You can also arrange these by film starlets, photo starlets, or newest. Each set is represented by a small thumbnail of the model and her name. You would think by clicking on a model, you'd simply get the videos and photos, but there's a lot more to each of these models, like a blog, testimonials, an extensive bio, and much more.

Both the picture and video galleries are set up much like the models section. The sets are arranged by updates starting with the most recent, and they can also be arranged by softcore, solo, girl/girl, and hardcore actions. The photo sets all range in size, and the individual images open to a fairly large, digital resolution. The photography at this site appears to be professionally handled, too. I love the browsing controls for the digital pictures. It's very easy to view pics. The videos are offered in a variety of formats, and a couple resolutions for each as well. You can download the trailer for the movie, the clips or the full movie. If you have an Apple device, like an iPod, you can download the videos to that as well. Comments can be made by members for each video and photo set available.

So, as you can see, there's quite a bit to cover at this site. There is not a doubt in my mind that anyone who follows this sort of lifestyle will have a ball browsing this site. Any help and suggestions you have for the admin, or if you'd just like to chat with other like-minded individuals, you can do so in the forums.

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