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Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 06/29/2009

At DVDBox.com, members have access to a huge archive of DVDs. Choose by category, pornstar, series or studio to find your favorite videos and stars. Not to mention, this site updates everyday with at least one movie, so you'll never see any side of boredom here. Read Full Review

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Movie Details:
Quantity: 3,300+ Movies (Full DVDs.)
Avg Length:100 Minutes
Bit Rates:2000Kbps, 300Kbps
Delivery:Downloadable, Streaming
Screen Caps:Yes
Update Schedule:
DVD Box Review
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Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 13.8 of 15
Navigation: 13.3 of 15
Quality: 15.8 of 20
Quantity: 19.2 of 20
Originality: 12.8 of 15
Updates: 14.2 of 15
Niche Rank: 3 of 42
Overall Rank: 31 of 4517

The Good

Gigantic collection of full length DVDs with one DVD released a day.
Scenes can be watched in flash that buffers quickly and produces nice video quality.
Thorough list of categories.

The Bad

Lack of browsing options.
The option to convert video files to other formats didn't work.
Search engine is too basic.

Bottom Line

Though it doesn't have as many browsing options in place as some of the other sites in its class, the collection of full length DVDs inside of this site are just as entertaining if not more entertaining than those available inside the other sites. There are just as many DVDs too. Excellent site!

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DVD Box Full Review

The DVD download site is without a doubt the greatest invention since the...um...since the...uhhh...the...OK, it's the greatest invention ever. For those of you not familiar with them, let me enlighten you. You pay a small monthly fee for access to an archive of pornographic DVDs. Some sites are bigger than others. Some sites are designed better than other. However, the common thread is that they all give you access to collection of full length adult DVDs. DVDBox.com is a DVD download site and an excellent one at that. Let me get into a bit of detail about what it is that makes this site a no-brainer.

First of all, joining will give you access to 3,300 full length DVDs. Think about that for a minute. You pay a small monthly fee to have unlimited access to 3,300 adult DVDs. Imagine ten years ago, going into a movie rental store, handing the clerk $5, and then filling five grocery baskets up with porn DVDs. After you're done checking out the clerk tells you that as long as you pay him $5 a month you can keep every one of those DVDs. Sounds preposterous doesn't it? With DVDBox.com you eliminate the clerk. You eliminate the physical discs. You eliminate the hassle of having to bring the DVDs back to the store. You eliminate the humiliation of walking out of a store pushing three carts of porn DVDs. You gain all kinds of browsing options that help you find the exact porn you're looking for. You gain better than DVD quality video. You gain information about pornstars, DVDs, studios, scenes, and producers that you'll never get renting from a store. You gain hours and hours of adult entertainment without ever having to leave the house. Oh, and all that porn you can download to your PC, it's yours to keep for as long as you want it whether you're a member or not.

Let me talk a bit about the site's features. In order to make their members experience of browsing through the DVDs effortless, they've not only broken the DVDs up into categories. but they've also broken the scenes up into categories; nearly 40 categories to be exact. You'll have your more typical categories like anal, black, blowjob, gay, hardcore, lesbian, and solo, but you'll also have the more targeted categories like voyeur, squirt, orgy, handjob, Euro, alternative porn, and more. To make things even easier, members can browse the content by studio, series, and actor. The only thing that should be added are more ways to situate the content. Right now, the only way to situate it the content is by update. It'd be a lot easier if members could also situate the content by rating, number of downloads, and/or other criteria like how most the other DVD download sites do it. I also wasn't all that impressed with the search engine. It only returns full DVDs. Not scenes. Therefore, if you search using a keyword that is used in the description of a scene from a DVD, you'll be presented with the entire DVD and have to find the scene that represents that keyword.

Each scene from each DVD comes equipped with a well-written description, a set of screenshots, and a series of different video viewing options. Members can chose to either download the scenes or stream them in flash player. The flash video buffers very quickly and gives way to some fairly impressive video quality. Especially considering how quickly the video buffers. The videos can be downloaded encoded in the wmv file format at two different bit rates with the higher bit rate providing members with the higher end of DVD quality video. There's an option to convert the videos into several other file formats, but I couldn't figure out how to use the tool. I might be overlooking something, but no matter what, it shouldn't be as difficult to understand as it is.

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