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Ebony Max Review
Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 12/22/2008

Full DVD download capability of exclusively ebony hardcore movies. Read Full Review

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DVD Download Sites (main), Black
Movie Details:
Quantity: 3848+ Movies
Avg. Length: 20 Minutes
Formats: WMV
Bit Rates: 1400Kbps, 1000Kbps
Delivery: Downloadable
Screen Caps: Yes
Exclusive: No
Restrictions: None
Photography Details:
Update Schedule:
Weekly - A new DVD packed full of scenes released once every week.

Site Owner: ArchiveCash.com
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2257 Records
Billing Methods: Credit Card, Check, Phone
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Site Design:
Quality:12.2 of 15
Navigation:12.6 of 15
Quality:12.3 of 20
Quantity:16.0 of 20
Originality:10.7 of 15
Updates:10.8 of 15
Overall Rank:882 of 4909
Niche Rank:24 of 51
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Ebony Max Full Review

Awwwwwww sheeeeeit! Dis is da sizznit right here yo! A site providing full length all-black porn DVD's.

The homepage presents you with a pile of the latest DVD updates with a couple of menus for browsing the content by either scene or full-length DVD. The main menu at the top has a category for viewing scenes and DVD's, but they're only organized alphabetically with no other way to filter the content. You'd be better off going back to the homepage and using the 'Category' menu or 'Browse Archive' menu. I wouldn't bother with the search engine. It doesn't find shit. The 'Category' menu is nice in that it helps you filter DVD's by several different niches, but I don't understand why they don't let you do the same with scenes so that you don't have to go searching for the action in each scene of a DVD. I found the 'Browse Archive' menu to be the best way to navigate the goods since it's all based off of ratings and download count, but again, why don't they have a category called 'Top Rated Scenes' like they do for full length DVD's?

Despite all the problems with navigation and the lack of browsing techniques made available, the stuff you signed up to see is excellent. The babes are thick with rich brown skin, big booties and those big ass lips that wrap themselves around a shaft like a boa constrictor. Each scene is represented by a group of thumbs so you know what the scene is all about before downloading it in one file format with three different video resolutions to choose from. The highest resolution is damn close to DVD quality, too.

If they could only tweak this site a little bit to accommodate their members in a way that makes browsing easier, this site would be da bomb, but until then, it's just aight.

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The Good
  • Quality of DVD's and the action contained within is nice.
  • A few different ways to browse content.
The Bad
  • Not easy to find what you want by scene.
  • A bit unorganized.
  • Non-exclusive content.
Bottom Line
    I like this site. I do. I just wish they made browsing easier. I'm a scene guy, not a full-length DVD guy. I think most guys are. Once the creators of the site figure that out, dudes are going to love downloading this black porn.

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