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1. Ultimate Surrender Ultimate Surrender Review Sample Thumbnail
Bet you've never seen wrestling quite like this before. In these exclusive vids and pics, which ever chick loses the match must submit to and obey the winner.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Jul 14th, 2010
Cost Details: $21.95 Monthly
Video Walkthrough Video Walkthrough Available

2. Kickass Girlz Kickass Girlz Review Sample Thumbnail
The wrestling bouts filmed and made available to members inside of KickassGirlz.com involve some of the hottest women you're going to find in erotic wrestling. There's not a lot of nudity, but the girls always look sexy. Especially when they're pulling hair, punching stomachs, twisting arms, bare hugging, and slamming bodies to the mat.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 10th, 2009
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly
Video Walkthrough Video Walkthrough Available

3. Babes Fight Exclusive Discount!Babes Fight Review Sample Thumbnail
This site reminds me of my high school days when hot girls would fight over the popular guys. Only, at this site, they're wearing skimpy clothes and sometimes none at all while beating the crap out of each other. Simple design with no way to determine the exclusivity.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Aug 7th, 2008
Cost Details:   $29.85 Monthly   Your Price: $19.85   You Save $10 (34%)

4. Knockout Girlz Knockout Girlz Review Sample Thumbnail
KnockoutGirlz.com contains exclusive content featuring insanely hot women involved in professional wrestling matches and brutal boxing bouts. Members watch as women in bikinis punch each other in the face, kick each other in the stomach, and get tangled up in different wrestling positions. Not a whole lot of nudity, but plenty of erotic fighting.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 10th, 2009
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

5. Catfight GangBang Catfight GangBang Review Sample Thumbnail
Group of vids and pics showing chicks in large numbers stuffing fingers, tongues and toys in each others' wet holes. Gain access to 46 other sites when you join this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jan 4th, 2008  Updated: Jan 29th, 2008
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

6. Queen Of The Hood Queen Of The Hood Review Sample Thumbnail
Chicks of all weight classes meet up in the woods to fuck each other up and to earn the title, Queen of the Hood in these exclusive movies.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Dec 21st, 2009  Updated: Mar 3rd, 2010
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

7. When Girls Fight When Girls Fight Review Sample Thumbnail
From hair pulling and arms wailing to sexy oil wrestling, this site holds it all. Stream movies in a flash player of chicks duking it up on the streets or arranged in kiddie pools filled with oil. Gain access to two other sites when you join this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Dec 18th, 2009  Updated: May 28th, 2010
Cost Details: $9.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

8. Catfights XXX Catfights XXX Review Sample Thumbnail
Collection of vids and pics showing chicks in all kinds of kinky brawls. Gain access to fourteen other sites upon joining.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Apr 10th, 2008  Updated: Apr 23rd, 2008
Cost Details: $14.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

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