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1. Burning Angel Burning Angel Review Sample Thumbnail
This is an adult social networking site like no other. BurningAngel.com is a community website where punk chicks, goth chicks, freaky chicks, tattooed chicks, and pierced chicks come together to provide members with a large collection of exclusive content and all kinds of fun bonus stuff.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jul 18th, 2008  Updated: Sep 8th, 2010
Cost Details: $14.00 Monthly

2. Lazer Bunny Lazer Bunny Review Sample Thumbnail
LazerBunny.com contains a collection of exclusive content featuring goth chicks and punk girls being sluts.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Nov 23rd, 2009  Updated: Aug 21st, 2010
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

3. God's Girls God's Girls Review Sample Thumbnail
GodsGirls.com is an online community where gothic chicks and gothic dudes come together to share photos and talk amongst one another as well as browse tons and tons of pictures with a decent amount of videos.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 29th, 2007
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly
Video Walkthrough Video Walkthrough Available

4. PunkGrl PunkGrl Review Sample Thumbnail
PunkGrl.com is an online community of British emo girls, goth girls, punk girls, and alt girls with a thing for getting naked in front of the camera. Members can read biographical information about each model, read their blogs, contact them, and leave comments about their picture sets.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Nov 19th, 2008  Updated: Feb 12th, 2010
Cost Details: $4.95 Trial  $19.95 Monthly
Video Walkthrough Video Walkthrough Available

5. Blue Blood Blue Blood Review Sample Thumbnail
BlueBlood.com brings three fetish sites together into one with a massive collection of picture sets featuring goth chicks showing off their piercings, body art, rubber lingerie, and beautiful bodies. Most of the content is exclusive and all the content rocks!

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $6.66 Trial  $19.95 Monthly

6. Suicide Girls Suicide Girls Review Sample Thumbnail
There's no other site quite like SuicideGirls.com. It's more of a community than a site. Members gain access to a gigantic archive of photo sets and videos featuring thousands of freaky chicks with tats and piercings. What makes this site so great is the member interaction.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Nov 1st, 2007
Cost Details: $12.00 Monthly

7. Barely Evil Barely Evil Review Sample Thumbnail
Barely Evil? These chicks are completely evil! The content features troublemakers, punks, vampires, and goth sluts getting naked, teasing, masturbating, and getting naughty. Some have tattoos. Others have piercings. Several have both. It's a freakfest of gorgeous women.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

8. Liz Vicious Liz Vicious Review Sample Thumbnail
If you haven't see this sexy dark-angel yet, you're definitely in for a treat. A fairly new site with nice selection of vids and pics featuring goth hottie Liz posing, masturbating, smoking and sucking dick.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $29.92 Monthly

9. Gothic Sluts Gothic Sluts Review Sample Thumbnail
Goth chicks are more than just freaks with pale skin, dark make-up, and died hair. They're walking works of art with exquisite body art, multiple piercings, and sexy lingerie. GothicSluts.com provides members with an archive of exclusive and non-exclusive digital pic sets featuring these kinds of ladies.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

10. Scar 13 Scar 13 Review Sample Thumbnail
Scar is quite possibly the sexiest goth chick on the net. She's got a nice collection of artsy photos along with a few videos showing the same.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

11. Rubber Dollies Rubber Dollies Review Sample Thumbnail
A woman in lingerie is sexy, but a woman in leather lingerie is sexy taken to a completely different level. RubberDollies.com has an impressive archive of exclusive digital pic sets of gorgeous goth chicks in and out of leather and latex gear.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

12. Toxxxy Toxxxy Review Sample Thumbnail
An art-driven gothic site hosted by a chick by the name of Toxxxy. Download pics and vids of her and her friends showing their dark side. Signing up gains you access to other sites.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Nov 27th, 2009
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

13. Murder Lily Murder Lily Review
Sick and tired of the cookie cutter model with long legs, blonde hair, and perfect skin? How about a change of pace? MurderLily.com celebrates the beauty of women with an alternative lifestyle. The ladies posing naked in here are pierced and tattooed.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Nov 5th, 2008  Updated: Dec 9th, 2008
Cost Details: $19.95 Monthly

14. Mandy Is Kinky Mandy Is Kinky Review Sample Thumbnail
Mandy Bright shares with us her kinky side. You'll see some quite bizarre shit go down at this site in her exclusive movies and photo sets. Members also have access to 33 other sites.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Nov 26th, 2007  Updated: Sep 19th, 2008
Cost Details: $0.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

15. Goth Tease Goth Tease Review
GothTease.com is a site filled with picture sets featuring freaky looking goth chicks with all kinds of tats and piercings covering their beautiful, naked bodies. Not much of a video section.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $24.97 Monthly

16. Almost Evil Girls Almost Evil Girls Review
AlmostEvilGirls.com brings a collection of photo sets of gothic girls showing off their delightfully killer bodies.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Sep 3rd, 2008  Updated: Jan 29th, 2009
Cost Details: $4.95 Trial  $19.95 Monthly

17. DV8 Vixens DV8 Vixens Review
Group of exclusive videos and pictures featuring girls modeling and masturbating in nylons and other lingerie.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 10th, 2008  Updated: Jun 25th, 2008
Cost Details: $26.95 Monthly

18. Ariel Adore Ariel Adore Review Sample Thumbnail
Ariel Adore is one gothic amateur babe you're going to wish you could get your hands on. Download exclusive movies and photos of this dark angel showing off her body, playing with her girlfriends, and fucking guys.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 29th, 2010
Cost Details: $24.99 Monthly

19. Valeria On Fire Valeria On Fire Review
This eccentric Latina beauty loves getting naked and teasing you in her picture sets, but gets nasty as hell with both men and women in her movies. Too bad her site is so damn small. However, you do gain access to several other sites when you join.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Jan 13th, 2009
Cost Details: $3.99 Trial  $29.99 Monthly

20. Sweet PMG Sweet PMG Review
SweetPMG.com presents sexy amateur girls with excellent body art as well as unique piercings modeling nude and getting stuffed in exclusive videos and picture sets.

Overall Rating
Listed: Oct 24th, 2007
Cost Details: $28.50 Monthly

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