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Top Rated Gay Uniform Sites

Start with the best. Each site is reviewed and rated by our experienced porn seekers.

1. CD Fun CD Fun Review Sample Thumbnail
CDFun.com is a fun site delivering exclusive content of handsome men dressed up in women's clothing while seducing other men.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Nov 8th, 2007
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

2. TeachTwinks TeachTwinks Review Sample Thumbnail
This site provides an exclusive collection of movies where sexy twinks are taught a valuable lesson in the classroom by other twink classmates and their teachers. Gain access to the network of sites when you sign up for this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Nov 20th, 2009  Updated: Mar 12th, 2010
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

3. Men Hard At Work Men Hard At Work Review Sample Thumbnail
Oh, these men certainly are HARD at work. You'll see male coworkers admiring their work ethics by sucking and fucking each other at the office.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 15th, 2008  Updated: Dec 5th, 2008
Cost Details: $1.95 Trial  $24.95 Monthly

4. Jack Off In Lingerie Jack Off In Lingerie Review Sample Thumbnail
This site offers a bevy of vids and pics showing crossdressers in sexy lingerie jerking their meat in front of the camera. Members have access to one other site as well.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Jun 15th, 2009  Updated: Jun 18th, 2009
Cost Details: $34.95 Monthly

5. Dudes In Uniform Dudes In Uniform Review Sample Thumbnail
Cops, construction men, sailors, military men, doctors, and cowboys dressed in their gear either stripping naked in picture sets or engaged in gay sex in movie scenes at DudesInUniform.com. Get access to other gay sites with your membership.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Nov 3rd, 2007
Cost Details: $3.95 Trial  $29.97 Monthly

6. Twink Clinic Twink Clinic Review Sample Thumbnail
This site shows exclusive movies and photos of cute twinks receiving more of a treatment than they ever expected by male nurses and doctors. Members gain access to 10 other sites when they sign up with this one.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Dec 22nd, 2008  Updated: Dec 26th, 2008
Cost Details: $2.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

7. Twink Boarding School Twink Boarding School Review Sample Thumbnail
Fuck going to medical school or law school. Go to Twink Boarding School where studious, all-American teen men learn all there is to know about gay sex. Watch movies of twinks learning how to perfect the art of circle jerking, rimming, giving head and fucking ass.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Nov 17th, 2008
Cost Details: $29.95 Monthly

8. Gay Like Girl Gay Like Girl Review Sample Thumbnail
GayLikeGirl.com is a fairly new site that presents members with a collection of exclusive videos featuring guys dressing up like girls and seducing their guy friends. Gain access to other sites when you join her.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Aug 29th, 2008  Updated: Apr 9th, 2010
Cost Details: $5.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

9. Sergeant Sodomy Sergeant Sodomy Review Sample Thumbnail
Sergeant Sodomy takes a unique approach to punishing the male criminals he apprehends. He forces them to suck his cock and fuck him right there in public. In here is a small archive of low-quality footage taken of the action. Get access to several other sites with your membership.

Overall Rating
First Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007  Updated: Oct 4th, 2007
Cost Details: $4.95 Trial  $29.96 Monthly

10. Homo Emo Homo Emo Review
If you're emo and love watching boys fucking other boys, then HomoEmo.com is the place for you. This site features exclusive movies and photos of gay emo boys in all kinds of hot and steamy gay sex action.

Overall Rating
Listed: May 6th, 2010
Cost Details: $9.95 Trial  $29.95 Monthly

11. US Male Corps US Male Corps Review
Members of USMaleCorps.com get to enjoy exclusive movies and photos of "military recruits used and abused in the command post by their commanding officers."

Overall Rating
Listed: Apr 28th, 2010
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

12. Young Recruits Young Recruits Review
This site proves that there are indeed gays in the Military, Navy, Air Force and Army, and these boys aren't afraid to practice their love for gay sex in the barracks.

Overall Rating
Listed: Feb 3rd, 2010
Cost Details: $24.95 Monthly

13. Men At Play Men At Play Review
This site features hunky business men in suits giving each other hummers and jerking their own meat sticks all over themselves.

Overall Rating
Listed: Oct 2nd, 2007
Cost Details: $25.95 Monthly

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