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Hoes.com Porn Buyer's Guide: History of Hoes.com

As an avid farm products salesman since the late 1970s, it was only natural that I would take my career in new directions. The internet seemed like an interesting route and an easy way to get into the pocketbooks of farmers all over the world. Selling rakes, hoes and tills was easy on the web. And fun! I pioneered the first shopping cart application catering specifically to farm supply warehouses and their distinct and complicated needs. Then, however, my interest in rap culture got the best of me. In the mid nineties, I couldn't get enough of the lyrical gold and decided to take "hoes" in an entirely new direction. A direction that would allow me to explore the vast richness and beauty of online porn.

Ok, obviously that isn't true. As much as I respect the work of farmers I sadly have had no involvement in that industry. The start of Hoes.com was much more random. I worked for an internet service provider (ISP) during much of the 90s. Times were rich back then for anything Net related and I had the luxury of "extra time" on my hands in between projects to pursue other interests.

So it pretty much went like this... A friend/coworker of mine and myself were sitting around with a couple of hours left in the workday. Nothing really left to do. So I said, "let's play a game to see who can find the most kick-ass domain name". Keep in mind that in 1997, there were lots and lots of kick-ass domain names still available. If I would have played this damn game a year earlier, the pot of domains would have been ridiculous. Anyhow, we spent about an hour pouring over domains. I still kick myself at some of the decent ones that I passed on because they weren't kick-ass enough, but gladly, as I was beginning to bore of my game, I typed in hoes.com and alas, it wasn't taken. I cracked up. I thought it was a funny one. I had no thoughts that it would be a porn site. None.

Needless to say, I won. I ended up with a great domain name and free dinner that night. So, what do I do with this name? For several weeks I considered many ideas from friends and coworkers and finally decided to just grab a huge pile of nude photos from newgroups and write a script to randomly show one picture a day on the site. That was it. That was my grand idea! Well, back then there weren't a lot of porn sites, so I actually started to build traffic. People were visiting daily with great anticipation for the day's one, sole photo. So I took it further and offered a full gallery of photos a day. Keep in mind that back then, few people had video players so offering videos on a free site was unheard-of for the most part.

Ok, so I'm gaining traffic, getting bookmarkers, now let's make some money if it's possible. The way it worked back then was that adult paysite companies would pay you a flat fee for every click you could send them. Adult traffic was gold so they would pay up to $0.25 per click. It added up and allowed me to take the site further. I then started building galleries on a niche by niche basis and began to categorize things. At that point, the directory style structure for Hoes.com was born. To grow my content base, I began accepting gallery submissions from other webmasters. They often put up a link to Hoes.com in exchange for the traffic I sent them. It worked well for building a traffic base. After a while, TGPs (thumbnail gallery posts) were becoming quite popular and the base of traffic becoming more diluted by the month. I decided to go in a new direction, one that was already successfully being used, but far less popular. Hoes.com dumped the galleries and started to list free sites instead and thus became a Link List. Free sites are mini sites built around one common theme or niche. So instead of a single page gallery, you had multiple pages in which to advertise on.

As of today, Hoes.com still works under the umbrella of the Link List, but expanded it's offerings by building an extremely comprehensive directory of pay site reviews. Because of our experience in the business and knowledge of what would be considered a "good" or "bad" pay site, we are able to provide you, our surfers, with an unbiased, clear account of what you get when you put up the bucks for a premium site. A dirty slang dictionary as well as a comprehensive joke directory are also available.

I'm delighted that you have read this account and pleased that you have made Hoes.com one of the places you visit in this huge adult online world.

Hoes.com Founder

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