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Hoes.com Porn Buyer's Guide: Our Reviewers

These are the guys and gal that keep hoes.com clicking. They have a very diverse knowledge of this industry and are always available to help you at anytime through our Concierge Service.

A word from Chuck...
vitals: Age 33, Male, Devilishly Handsome, Part-time Rock Star
Favorite Niche: Big Tits
Favorite Sites: Prime Cups, FTV Girls, Nubiles.net, Naughty America, Club Sandy

I'll never forget surfing porn a few years back, while in college, wondering to myself, "how the fuck does a guy land a job writing reviews for pay sites?" To my surprise, the question was answered a couple years later when a buddy of mine that I've known for years approached me about working as a writer for his adult website Hoes.com. Now here I am, sitting at my desk spending my days looking at and writing about porn. I know, I'm a lucky bastard. However, I want you to keep in mind that not everyone has what it takes to fulfill the kind of position I hold. I was approached because of my extraordinary writing skills. OK...maybe not, but he did approach me because he knew that I'd write honest, thorough reviews of pay sites that would help his loyal surfers and bookmarkers find exactly what they're looking for. I've made a lot of Hoes.com visitors happy with my reviews and suggestions.

So now that you know how I finagled my way into the online porn biz, allow me to emblazon you with some tidbits of information about who I am and what I'm about. Besides women, my passion in life is music. When I'm not working I'm either writing or performing. I'm involved in a couple of different bands playing out around town often. It went from being a fun hobby to a regular job quicker than you can say, "sell out". I attended a university and graduated with an advertising degree but still have yet to step foot inside of an ad agency. I probably never will unless I'm picking up some hot long-legged, busty ad exec from work. I learned a lot studying advertising, but never felt the connection to it. I'm happy where I'm at now. Can you blame me?

As you can imagine, I've seen a lot of porn as a staff member at Hoes.com. I'm like a walking encyclopedia of pornstars, movies, adult pay sites, and pornographic terminology. If you ever have a question related to porn, I'm your guy. Just shoot me an email through our concierge service and I'll get back to you.

A word from Dom...
vitals: Age 25, Male, Very distinguished and laid back gentleman, Aspiring to learn more about the biz
Favorite Niche: Teens
Favorite Site: Sapphic Erotica

I don't know why exactly that I'm telling you this, but back in high school, I was known as the "Porn King". That's right, I knew everything and everyone associated with porn. I guess you could have called it one of my hobbies to know the latest and greatest in pornography. Well, just a couple years back, I'm getting laid off from my boring housepainting job, and next I know, I'm getting a phone call from my best friend, who also happens to be my brother, Chuck saying that there's a position open as a writer/editor at his friend's site, Hoes.com. Before you know it, I'm throwing out my paint clothes and taking on a whole new chapter in my life.

Another one of my hobbies has always been dealing hands-n-eyes-on with the latest and greatest in technology. For as long as I can possibly remember, I've always stayed on top of it all, reading such magazines as Wired and researching over the internet about video games, software and anything else PC related. I'm very fortunate to be working with a company that's so open to innovative ideas. It helps to keep my mind freshly tuned to the techy world I'm so addicted to, and it's helped in turning one of my favorite hobbies into a career. And honestly? I couldn't be happier to be a part of this team.

A word from Sydney...
vitals: Age 22, Female, Very athletic and open minded gal, Always up for an adventure
Favorite Niche: Women-Only, Amateur Natural
Favorite Site: AlisonAngel.com - She's so beautiful!

I think if you were to ask my friends what kind of a person I am, some of the few things theyíd say are that Iím motivated, adventurous, and Iíll try just about anything once. Never did I think Iíd have a job in the adult industry, but I couldnít pass it up when the opportunity arose. Curiosity got the best of me, and now Iím exactly where I want to be in my life.

Well, since my father works for the military, moving around has become a lifestyle of sorts, which has made meeting people and getting comfortable with my surroundings difficult . But I can honestly say, I wouldnít change where Iím at and what Iím doing now for anything in the world. I love living in Colorado, and I love having a job with flexible hours while working from home. It works so well with my busy school schedule. My friends tease me all of the time because of the nature of my job, but theyíre just jealous. lol

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