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Hoes.com Porn Buyer's Guide: Glossary Of Commonly Used Terms

Not knowing the lingo, technical jargon, and slang terms related to online porn can certainly make understanding what's included and entailed confusing. Even terms that we use in our reviews might be foreign to you. That's why we've put together this glossary of terms that you'll encounter throughout our reviews, throughout the tours that you browse, and throughout the pay sites that you join.

Amateur Solo Girl Site – a site with focus on one amateur girl. A good amateur solo girl site will come with videos and photos like any other site, but with several extras like a blog, journal, webcam, forum, wallpapers, suggestions, etc. The more member interaction the better. Here’s a link to the amateur solo girl site reviews: http://www.hoes.com/reviews/amateurs/

Archive – a collection of content

AVI (audio video interleave) - video file container developed by Microsoft that contains video data encoded using a large range of codecs from DivX to Xvid. Videos contained within these files aren't as compressed as other video files in its class. Play these files in any media player that supports the video file's codec.

Best In Niche – a title given to sites with the highest rating for each respective niche in the Hoes.com pay site review section.

Billing Methods – Nearly every site you encounter online is going to have 3rd party e-commerce merchants like ccbill set up to handle your transactions. This keeps your transactions safe, secure, and anonymous. Some sites will also allow for membership payments by phone, through their checking account, and by mail.

Bit Rate For Video Encoding – this is the unit of measurement for the number of bits that are processed over a period of time. The higher the bit rate for an encoded video, the higher the video quality. Bit rates optimized for members with dial-up connections will range anywhere from 50k-300k. Bit rates at 500k-1000k are optimized for members with DSL connections. Bit rates at 2000k and up are perfect for people with fast cable connections, fiber optic connections, T1 lines, and T3 lines. A movie encoded from 2000k-3000k will have the same video quality as you’ll find on a DVD. HD video is encoded at 5000k and up.

Browsing (rating score at hoes.com) –how easy is it to locate the exact content that you signed up for. A site with an adequate amount of browsing options will help make it easier to filter out the crap you don’t want to see and bring forward the stuff you do want to see. Browsing is often times confused with navigation.

Buffer – the process that takes place when a download or stream is taking place and there’s a difference or lag in the speed between the two devices that are communicating. A site with servers on a solid connection will provide video that buffers quicker than sites with a slower connection. In other words, you’ll be watching video quicker and without interruption when you’re dealing with a site with a solid network connection.

CCbill – one of the most widely used payment options for e-commerce. It is one of the most secure, anonymous, and user friendly merchants online. Transactions through pay sites using ccbill will appear on your bill as ccbill.com. You can cancel a subscription through ccbill.

Clips – short segments of full scenes. A lot of sites break their full length scenes into shorter segments called clips.

Clone - a site that is an exact replica of another site. Sometimes, tours are designed to appear as if you're joining a niche specific site when in fact you're joining a much larger site with a broad list of different categories. The niche represented by the tour that you saw will be included in the site as a category.

Codec - required software that compresses or decompresses a particular video file. Each video file format requires a different codec. If a video file is being encoded (created), a codec is used to compress the file. If a video file is being decoded (opened and used), a codec is used to decompress the file. Members to sites need a codec to decompress a file. Most codecs will already be installed on your system. However, some may not and those that are may need to be updated.

Compression of Video - when video quality for file formats is reduced in order to keep the file size down. Examples of video files with compressed video are mpg, wmv and mov.

Concierge – An exclusive Hoes.com service where surfers submit comments on the kind of site they’re looking for so that they can receive precise, honest suggestions from Hoes.com reviewers.

Decompression of Video – process of restoring data that’s been compressed.

Digital Photos – photographs taken using digital cameras.

Divx - videos compressed with this codec are high quality. The compression applied does not affect the video quality much. HD quality video is supported. Download the codec to your machine by visiting http://www.divx.com/.

Downloadable – files that can be transferred from the site to a member’s computer. Though the majority of sites allow their members to download files, there are some sites that only offer streaming video. This means that members can only watch the videos from inside their browser. They won’t be able to download the content.

Drop-Down Menu – navigation tool with a list of items that open into a long field with items situated vertically that can be selected.

Duration – The length of a scene, DVD, or clip.

DVD Download Site – Site that gives members access to a collection of full length adult DVDs available for download.

Encoding - The process of making a video deliverable digitally over the internet.

Epoch – a secure and user friendly merchant that provides payment options for e-commerce. Some sites that you encounter use epoch as their merchant. Transactions usually appear on your credit card with information about epoch rather than the site you signed up for.

Exclusive Content - Content that is only available through the site that you've joined.

Exclusive Discounts – Hoes.com surfers are given the opportunity to join a very large number of quality sites at a discount that they’re not going to find anywhere else on the web. Because of our reputation and ability to send large numbers of members to paysites, they have cut special deals with us that we are pleased to pass on to you!

Exclusivity - see 'exclusive content'.

Filtering Content – Browsing option provided by sites that makes it easier for members to find what they’re looking for by selecting what they do and don’t want to see.

Flash Video (flv) – a popular medium for delivering video data to viewers because of how easy it is to allow for interaction controls. Videos encoded in the flash format generally allow viewers to advance through the video without having to wait like they would if they were to try and download a downloadable video file.

Forums (message board) – a web app that encourages discussion between users in an organized community environment. Forums contain categories of discussion. Members start a discussion topic called a thread and members respond to the threads by making posts. Not every pay site comes with a forum, but they are becoming more and more popular. My experience shows that forums are typically found inside of amateur solo girl sites. The girl uses the forum as a way to get to know her members. Also called a message board.

Gallery – A small collection of clips or pictures from a scene or set.

Headshot – a thumbnail with a close up picture of a performer's face. These help members identify a performer and what she looks like.

HD (high definition) – Ultra-high quality video at a display setting of 1280x720 or 1920x1080 as opposed to the standard resolution of 640x480. With bandwidth speeds increasing everyday, more and more adult websites are providing their members with the opportunity to enjoy videos in HD. Keep in mind that a video encoded at a screen size of 1280x720 might not look like HD video if it was encoded at a bit rate less than 4000k. Watch out for sites that claim to have HD video that really don’t.

High Rez – The phrase used to describe high quality content. Usually isn’t used unless it’s in contrast to a lo rez file.

In-browser – this is the term we use to describe a movie that is played from a media player embedded inside of an internet browser.

In Full – a term used to describe when an entire scene or DVD is made available as a video file. Some sites will only allow members to download and watch scenes available in clips.

Kbps (kilobytes per second) – the most common unit of data transfer rate used to describe the bit rate of videos found inside adult pay sites.

Lo rez - The phrase used to describe lower quality content. Usually isn’t used unless it’s in contrast to a hi rez file.

Message Board (forum) – see forum

Mp4 (MPEG-4) – those of you that prefer to use QuickTime will want to download videos in the mp4 video file format. The video and audio for these files are encoded separately and optimized for sharing over the internet. Also used for portable devices like the iPod or PSP. For more information about mp4 visit http://www.apple.com/quicktime/technologies/mpeg4/

Mpg (MPEG-1 and MPEG-2) – You’ll see a lot of this kind of video file format being used to deliver videos inside online adult sites. The files are typically compressed quite a bit. This allows for smaller file sizes.

Mov (QuickTime) - Video file format developed by Apple that contains compressed video and audio. Files are compatible on both Apple and Windows systems.

Navigation (rating score at hoes.com) – tools that help members to get around inside of a site. The most common tool is a navigation menu. Other more unique and innovative methods are used. The ease-of-navigation inside a site plays a significant role in how Hoes.com reviewers score a site.

Network Site - A lot of times a company owns several different sites and often times members are given access to all of the sites when they join one of the sites. Example...

Niche - a term used to describe a pornographic category that appeals to a surfers sexual taste and/or fetish. "Anal" is a niche. "Creampie" is a niche. "Female Ejaculation" is a niche. "BDSM" is a niche.

Non-Recurring - membership ceases at the end of the billing cycle.

Original Content - see 'exclusive content'

Pass - this is the same as a network site. When a surfer buys a “pass”, they're given access to all the sites included in that network.

Production Stills - frozen frames in a video captured and made into pictures. You can tell if you’re looking at a production still if it appears as if there’s motion in the shot. They also usually appear pixilated. Some sites like to consider production stills photos. Be cautious of this if you’re looking for digital photos. Also called screencaps.

Profiles - Hoes.com offers profiles as a means to provide surfers with a brief overview of a pay site. The hard facts are included here. This is where information about a site's price, content quantity, content quality, updates, billing methods, etc. can be referenced. Every site Hoes.com has in its database comes equipped with a profile, but not every site has received a full review.

Qt (QuickTime) – Video file format developed by Apple that contains compressed video and audio. Files are compatible on both Apple and Windows systems.

Radio Button – represented by a small circle that can be clicked on to select an item from a list.

Rebill - see "recurring charge"

Recurring Charge - a member will automatically be charged for each month they remain a member. Most sites institute a recurring monthly charge. Those sites with multiple month rates generally do not recur. If they do, they typically only recur monthly at the monthly rate.

RM (Real Media) - Video file format developed for the use in Real Player.

Save Target As... – the method of downloading files that’s most commonly used. If you don’t want to watch a video while it’s downloading, right click on the link and left click on “save target as…” Name the file and then save it to your PC.

Screencaps (screen captures) – frozen frames in a video captured and made into pictures. You can tell if you’re looking at a screencap if it appears as if there’s motion in the shot. They also usually appear pixilated. Some sites like to consider screencaps photos. Be cautious of this if you’re looking for digital photos. Also called production stills.

Series – DVD download sites provide members with full-length DVDs. Some DVDs are a part of a collection, volume, or series.

Slideshows – viewing pornographic pictures is no fun if you’re hand has to be on the mouse in order to browse through picture sets. That’s why more and more sites are providing their members with a hands-free experience viewing pictures by using a slideshow. This tool cycles through the pictures of the picture set. Some sites provide advanced slideshows that allow members to customize how quickly the show cycles through photos.

Streaming Video – video on demand that’s delivered to surfers instantly while embedded inside of an internet browser. Hoes.com reviewers consider video streaming when the member can advance to any part of a video while the video is buffering. Flash video is the most widely used medium to deliver the kind of video data that we consider streaming.

Studio – This is the production company for a DVD.

Thumb (thumbnail) – a small photo used to represent a subject or item. Some thumbs are bigger than others. They’re used to represent the action contained within a scene, a performer, a digital picture, etc.

Thumbnail (thumb) – see thumb

Tour – A mini site designed to entice prospective customers into joining a pay site. This is where surfers will get a really good indication of what they can expect to see inside of a pay site when they join. Most tours will include sample clips, sample pictures, billing information, and any other information about the site that will help sell the site to the visitor.

Trial – a site’s offer that allows surfers a chance to sample the member’s area of a site for a short period of time at an attractive discounted rate. Most trials only last for three to five days. A lot of sites will not allow trial members access to everything inside of the site in hopes that the trial members will upgrade to a full membership after seeing what they’ll have access to. Most trials renew at the monthly rate automatically when the trial’s term is up.

Upsells – advertisements inside of sites that when clicked on take the surfer away from the site they’re viewing to another site that will share revenue with the site you just left if you end up joining.

Video File Formats (extensions) - Online video can be delivered to members encoded in several different video file formats. Each format requires a particular codec in order for the file to be watched. The two main differences between file formats is video compression and media player compatibility. Different people prefer different file formats. That's why it's always nice to have a membership to a site with a broad range of different file formats for their video content. Say that you have a video iPod and you'd like to have access to your smut while on the go. Look for a site with the mp4 file format.

Wallpapers – digital pictures large enough to fill a computer’s desktop background. These pictures are usually high quality with an easy-on-the-eyes graphical design. Wallpapers are typically found as an extra or bonus inside of amateur solo girl sites, glamour sites, and photography sites.

Webcam Shows (camshows) – Webcams have replaced the 976 telephone service. A girl sets up a webcam and charges people to watch her strip, masturbate, hook up with other chicks, and/or fuck dudes. Some sites include camshows with a membership while others give members access to third party sites that show previews of girls available for viewing at an additional fee. The sites with webcam shows that come included with the price are generally amateur solo girl sites and a few photography sites.

Windows Media Player – digital media software developed by Microsoft that allows users to watch video and listen to audio. The most common video file used with the player is the wmv video file format. The avi and mpg video file formats can also be watched using windows media player.

WMV (Windows Media Video) - video file container developed by Microsoft compressed with Windows Media compression. This file is played from inside of Windows Media Player.

xVid (Xvid) - videos encoded using Xvid are compressed using MPEG-4 technology which maintains fast data transmission. There are only a couple of media players that will run Xvid. Windows Media Player is one of them.

Zip Files – sites will compress the pictures from a digital picture set and package the compressed photo files into a zip file. This compression makes the size of the bundle much smaller for members. Once the zip file is downloaded a software program needs to be used in order to unzip the files. The most widely used file compression program is called WinZip and can be found at this site http://www.winzip.com/index.htm

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