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Hoes.com Porn Buyer's Guide: Why would I pay for porn?

"...if you’ve only ever banged hags, you’d never know how much more enjoyable it is to bang hotties."

- Famous French Scholar
circa. 1754

Ahhh…The age-old question. A legitimate one too. With the Internet overflowing with sites making it easy to enjoy porn for free, it only makes sense that surfers would be reluctant to open their wallet for it. However, consider this fact. Convincing a nasty ho to fuck takes very little effort. Convincing a drop-dead gorgeous woman to fuck takes a lot of effort. The enjoyment we get out of banging hotties makes putting forth that extra effort totally worth it. However, if you’ve only ever banged hags, you’d never know how much more enjoyable it is to bang hotties. Porn is no different.

These sites you’re frequenting for free are only giving you a tiny sampling of the kind of stuff that’s available to you when you join a great pay-site. The videos are compressed, chopped up, edited, super short, and overused. The picture galleries are small and the photos are even smaller. You have to sift through all kinds of junk to find what you’re looking for. When you do find a short 30-second clip that helps you get done what you want to get done, you realize that you’ve just wasted a half hour poking around the site to find that short clip.

Doesn’t it sound more appealing having access to a huge collection of the exact kind of content that you’re looking for encoded in HD quality along with photos available in sizes larger than life? Keep in mind that the majority of sites out there allow you to download content directly to your PC. As a matter of fact, there are videos that I’ve seen inside of these pay sites that are worth the price of admission alone. That’s just one video from an archive of hundreds of videos just like it. And typically, these sites contain content that you’re not going to find anywhere else on the web; including inside of those free sites that you’ve been surfing.

Now, I was no different than you before I started reviewing pay sites. I actually joined some of them after reviewing them. You’re right. I had an advantage. I was given access to the sites for a short period of time, but that was so that I could provide you with honest assessments of what to expect when you join.

So, spend a bit of time reading the pay site reviews we’ve written and don’t feel like you’re being jipped when you shell out some cash for porn. I can promise you that there are sites out there that you’ll be so happy with that you won’t quit after you join. Oh and no more wasting time looking at free porn!

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