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Mark from FemJoy

Main Niche: Photography
Interviewed: March 24, 2009
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Can you sum up FemJoy.com in one sentence?

We offer our members top quality photos and videos of the most beautiful women in the world, all of whom feel comfortable sharing their intimate beauty with us.

The models featured in FemJoy.com are some of the most beautiful, all-natural women I've seen online. What is your standard when it comes to choosing models to work with?

We work almost primarily with first-time models. Our photographers are highly selective in choosing the girls they work with, and the qualities they look for are freshness, happiness, openness, and beauty.

What does Femjoy stand for?

Joyful female beauty.

I imagine you receive a load of resumes from photographers looking to work with Femjoy.com. What do you look for in a photographer?

Besides possessing technical excellence as a photographer, he/she must be able to capture a model's personality in a natural but still sensually inspiring way.

How does a woman go about becoming a Femjoy.com model?

All she need to do is get in touch with one of the photographers or contact FEMJOY directly.

FemJoy.com strives to remain ahead of the game when it comes to innovation and unique ideas like the iPhone application available to members. Are there any exciting plans in the works for FemJoy.com that you might be able to enlighten us with?

We strongly believe that other than our beautiful photos and videos of top models, our technological leadership is one of the reasons for our success. Unfortunately we cannot disclose any plans but we are working on new goodies for our members.

How has Femjoy.com evolved since it opened in 2004? What has remained the same?

The number of updates per week has gone up from 3 to 16. The series have become much longer and the highest resolution images are up to 6000px now. The videos have evolved from standard DV quality to Hollywood technology in HDV. We are proud to say that there is not a single site which offers the look and feel of many of our newest videos. We genuinely believe we are creating the next generation of erotic videos. Also there is a very active member community exchanging favorite shots and opinions. We run the only nude art iPhone website in parallel to our main site. The content is optimized for the mobile device. We have a cinematic photo slide show viewer and many web 2.0 features in our member's area. All videos can also be streamed now. But we still believe that our natural beauties can not be topped by any technology. It's the models that matter the most.

Femjoy.com's content quality is astonishing. Can you explain what members can expect from the digital pictures and videos?

All of our photo series - and we are talking about 14 completely new releases per week - are double screened and checked by the photographer and an independent post production person. This is to avoid blurry, over-exposed or simply bad and boring sequences. We know of many other sites who just dump the raw series onto the member's screen. Especially those sites who claim to be the biggest of all. We believe in quality and honesty. Before we started the site we checked other paysites and were usually disappointed to realize that the photographer just picked a nice cover but that there was no real added value in the member's area. That was one of the reasons we started this project in the first place. We believe that a photo series should be beautiful and joyful but also erotic and entertaining from start to finish. There was a similar motivation for the videos. We usually were disappointed with all the videos we had seen. It was always the same old story: "girl looking sexy into the camera and rubbing her body." Our videos are different. The viewer gets the chance to see her personality. While still sensual and sometimes quite erotic, our content is all about natural beauty and the joy of the FEMJOY models.

Why would someone join FemJoy.com over the other erotic photography sites in its class?

For photos you get double the number of updates for the same price compared to 99% of all sites in this niche. Sites who have more updates simply cannot cope with our quality standard and natural beauty. We work with over 100 photographers, and every single one of them is capable of attracting gorgeous girls you've never seen anywhere else and creating erotic masterpieces that open your heart and inspire your fantasies. Also, in terms of video we are unique. The videos found on our site cannot be compared to anything seen on the web.

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