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Lia from FTVGirls

Main Niche: Teens
Interviewed: March 5, 2009
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Can you summarize FTVGirls.com in one sentence?

High quality, real girls fulfilling there needs and sharing it with the world.

Can you tell us What sets FTVGIrls.com apart from all the other sites that it often times gets grouped with?

The content. You can't say anything bad about. It's done right.

The one thing I noticed about the girls photographed and filmed for FTV Girls is that they seem naturally comfortable and confident getting naked, masturbating, and enjoying the company of other girls despite having never done these sort of things in front of a camera before. How is that accomplished?

Well the girls know what they are going to be doing before they shoot if they seem a little bit off by it then we donít shoot them. So girls lacking in any of the above areas really donít make it to the shoot, there you never see those types. Plus once you take a look at the sites its appealing who would want to look like those hotties. The money is nice too lol

How does a girl become lucky enough to work with FTVGirls.com?

Having a good personality, being all natural with real masturbations, I would say that is a good candidate. Then just send a non airbrushed pic to FTV or me and I will make sure it falls into the right hands.

The pictures and photography inside of your site Lia19.com and FTVGirls.com look amazing. Is there an airbrush applied to the photos?

Nope none FTV does not believe in that at all. Even sometimes I wish they did when having a bad day lol . But again it shows that it is really me imperfections and all

Are there any future plans for FTVGIrls.com and Lia19.com that you can fill us in on?

We always have something up or our sleeves, so you will have to wait and see!

How did you originally connect with FTVGirls.com?

Through mainstream modeling.

Members to your site Lia19.com enjoy access to hundreds of photo shoots and you look gorgeous in all of them, but my personal favorite is the one you did entitled "Wet Angel". Do you have a favorite set and why?

TI love that set too. I have a ton of sets I love and my favorite changes all the time but the wet angel is in my top 3

Having access to your digital picture sets and videos is more than enough to justify joining your site, but members are given access to a lot more than just your content. What can someone expect as a member to your site Lia19.com?

Well they get access to me. I interact with all of my members, plus forum, candidís, journal, you get the idea.

Can you tell us how the experience of being a member to a solo girl is more unique and fulfilling than being a member to a typical adult website?

Well a solo site members is looking for a little bit more than just some gonzo sex site. Its personal, you are there dream girl. It's very flattering.

I noticed that you encourage your members to email you. Do you respond to the emails that you receive?

Yes sir, it gets overwhelming at time and backed up when I travel but I try to get to them all.

Solo girl site members dread the day when the girl hosting the site decides to stop providing updates. You've been going strong ever since you started nude modeling back in 2004 and you're not showing any signs of slowing down (or aging for that matter). Please tell us that you don't plan to slow down anytime soon!

Never. FTV and my site is my home I feel like it is something we built together, therefore I would never throw it away because of some guy or something. Be naked on the web is a big deal not something you abandoned when the times are not going 100% your way. I love the FTV and being on the web cant see myself doing anything else!

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