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Captain from Nubiles.net

Main Niche: Teens
Interviewed: March 20, 2009
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Can you give us one sentence that best describes Nubiles.net?

Nubiles.net features petite, youthful looking, very attractive sexy girls who go all the way from nude masturbation to hardcore fucking and sucking.

Are there ever teens that shoot with Nubiles.net shortly after they turn 18?

Yes we have them all the time, in fact the closest one to 18 was brought by her mother!

The thing that impressed me most about Nubiles.net is how good looking each of the teens are that the site feature. I don't think I saw one unattractive model while browsing the goods. What is your standard for choosing models? What do you look for in a girl?

It can be called a talent, that is the ability to know what our members will like and to make the right decision. I wish there was some formula but its more of a gut feeling and the ability to see how the model will look in a Nubiles production. You could say its a secret recipe that you forgot the ingredients. A dash of this and that and with the right amount you have a Nubiles girl.

I noticed that members are encouraged to send private messages to your models. Do the models ever respond back to the members that contact them?

The members do get responses by models and the members who take a chance to write to the girls as real people get more responses. If you treat the girl like a sex object and not a human being she is not likely to respond. Also members need to take into consideration that most of the models are not on the net everyday as they are busy with school and modeling.

There's a sense of community that members enjoy inside of the site. Can you explain how that's achieved?

I would have to thank the existing members for that.We have a members board where a lot of the site changes have come from the members. Nubiles.net was the first adult site to start offering public created galleries where members could create online favorite folders of their best pictures and videos. Now you can rate other peoples folder, you can see what other people are doing in real time. You can see what they are rating, making favorite, tagging etc. Even if social media is not exciting to you the features offer great value. For example, its another way to find hot content, or to find extremely niched content, or simply use the page to make downloading through a download manager easier as you can make favorite all your videos to one page and then set your download manager to go.

Nubiles.net members are given access to much more than the gigantic archive of exclusive teen content inside. Can you give our readers an idea of what they can expect when they join?

We have 3 new girls each week and at least one of those girls does a hardcore scene. With amount of quality content you can expect to have a huge archive that continues to grow and grow.

What separates Nubiles.net from all the other teen sites that it might be associated with?

If you look at the design and layout of Nubiles you will find its unique. While most other sites are a rip off of another site created before them we took another approach......we do our own thing. And that theory extends into our site management and makes us extremely different then other sites. For example, we update 3 girls a week however where most sites will give you one new set from a girl each month or two, we add one new set every day until the sets are gone. The result is that over two weeks you get all the models sets instead of having to wait years. Often we shoot more of the girl and bring her back but we don't pretend to update old content. Also our content is all exclusive. Other sites have exclusive content and advertise x amount of models but if you took away the non exclusive sets (the same sets you can find on many other sites) then they wouldn't have as many girls or as much content as they advertised. While we do have some bonus content, its separated so you know its not a part. Many oher sites do not do that. Our features stand out far above the rest because of our strength of programming and unlike other sites you use template backends we are fully custom and able to give the members a better experience.We also stick to a niche. We really have no real competitors because most sites who think they are similar to us do not have the same standards for the models they choose for the site. If you want cute petite youthful teens who go from solo to hardcore then your only destination is Nubiles.

Browsing through large archives of content can be a cumbersome task if the proper tools aren't in place to help with filtering through the content. What methods do you have in place to help your members with finding what they're looking for?

There are a 4 main ways to search through the content. First is the standard search feature, here you can specify tons of options like the generic boob size, age, hair color etc. There are some distinct search options too like country of origin, by action (ie. sybian riding, rabbit, hardcore), and outfits (ie. lingerie, high heels, thongs etc). The search function has 43 options and counting to help you narrow down your selection.

The second way to browse through the content is using the update archive. With the update archive you can view every update dating back to March 2004.

The third and fourth ways utilize our unique community features. Each member has the ability to create picture and video favorites folders. Many of our members create niche specific folders, some examples are awesome asses, notable nipples, tip of the sword, girls kissing girls, and sybian. There are hundreds of custom favorite galleries to browse through.

Fourth is the tagging system. Each day members tag content with keywords, these keywords can then be accessed globally creating a user defined search term. Some examples of our very popular and large tag galleries are: anal play, beautiful barefoot shots, biceps, boots, real orgasm , and wet pussy.

New tags show up everyday, and the depth and detail of the tagged galleries continues to grow with our members help.

How does a girl become a model for Nubiles.net?

Many Nubiles girls write to us, others we find ourself hunting down coffee shops and bookstores, and some others girls are already in the industry.

Any future plans for the site that might interest our readers?

Our members can expect the content to only get better in the future as we are dedicating more and more time to improving production and giving them exactly what they want.

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