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Randy from Randy Blue

Main Niche: Gay
Interviewed: February 17, 2009
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What do you like best about running RandyBlue.com?

The thing I love about running the site is the fact that the guys are not only amazingly hot, but they are all really nice guys. We're like a great big family here and it's a pleasure working with all of them.

What do you dislike?

I can't say what I like least about the site, I really enjoy what I do.

Do you ever have guys turn you down to model?

I've been pretty lucky. Most of the guys I've asked have been really happy to model for the site. Sometimes they try it once and we never hear from them again but at least they tried it.

I hear that you have live chat twice a week, is that true? Do you ever meet your members? Do you enjoy the chat and meeting the members if you do?

Yes, I host the live shows on Tuesday nights and Don hosts on Thursdays. We have a bunch of regulars that come back for every show. They really make it fun because I look forward to interacting with them. Plus, they always bring a really fun energy to the shows. When I take the guys out for a public appearance some our members who are local to the area will come out and say hi. That's my favorite part, getting to meet them face to face, especially when they're regulars to our live chats or post comments to our blog.

When did Randy Blue first originate?

Back in 2003. It was just me, my business partner and a camera. We've really grown since then.

Have you found that the new advances in technology has brought good things to your site or taken away from the personal touch?

No, technology has been a big help because our staff is very creative and have been able to use the technology to their advantage. I think technology can only hurt when you let it take over, but if you use it as a tool to create a better product then it can really help.

What do you think the best part about being a member at Randy Blue is?

I think the best part about being a Randy Blue member is the fact that you get so much for your money. The videos and photos are the real meat of the site but then you get to interact with the models in our live shows, you get to know them better through our behind the scenes videos on our blog, learn some helpful workout tips from Pete in our fitness section and so much more.

Is there anything special that you think is totally special that you do at Randy Blue?

Well, in addition to our regular fucking and blowjob videos we also periodically do complete movies, such as our Halloween special, A Taste of Blue and our tribute to film noir, "Alley Cats".

I see that you won the Cybersocket Awards again this year for Best Original Content! Congrats! How does that make you feel?

I'm very excited. It's an honor to be recognized in this way by the industry. It really is.

Thank you Randy for letting me hold you by your short hairs. I know how busy you are running the site. I hope when I come back in 6 months you will have oodles to tell us about the site and what you have been up to!

I will be thrilled to. I have to also mention that Randy Blue offers you oodles of bonus material, like being updated 3 times a week arenít enough, along with DVDs, live chat and webcam along with blogs.

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