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Shap from Twistys

Main Niche: Fine Babes
Interviewed: March 25, 2009
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Can you summarize Twistys.com in one sentence?

Twistys is a site with the most beautiful girls from around the world going as far as they are comfortable with on camera ;)

Can you tell our surfers why they would want to join Twistys.com over some of the other sites in it's class?

Everything we do revolves around our surfers. We bend over backwards to make sure every single member is happy. That is always our top priority. Your opinion, comments, requests and suggestions matter at Twistys. If I had to pick one reason someone should give us a shot I think that is a good one. I think the fact that we update with 3 photosets and 2 complete video scenes everyday of the year and have more than 2250 models, more than 1.1 million images and 2600 complete video scenes is a pretty good reason as well.

My personal favorite Twisty's feature is your "Twistys Treat". Can you give the people reading this interview an idea of what a "Twistys Treat" is all about?

Our Twistys Treat is our monthly feature. We have so many updates and so much content that is added to Twistys that we wanted to have a special feature monthly to really deliver something above and beyond to our members. So every month we have our Twistys Treat of the Month. The Twistys Treat will have 5 photosets and 5 videos added that month including an in-depth sexy interview. Our members really get to know the Treat of the Month.

When you launched Twistys.com, it was almost entirely focused on providing members with photos of softcore action involving glamourous strip teases and solo masturbation. Since then, you've implemented both video and hardcore. Now the site has evolved into a nice mixture of both photos and videos as well as an even balance of hardcore and softcore action. Why did you decide to move in that direction? How much of your decision was a result of feedback from your members?

I would say the decision was entirely based on member feedback. We realize that some members will email in their suggestions, some will post on our Twistys Forum, some will use our Twistys Voting and a large number of them will provide no feedback. To account for those that havenít provided us with any information we keep very in-depth stats on surfing habits. How many page views a video/photoset gets. How many downloads. How many re-visits. As much information as we possibly can. We take all that information sift through it and make our decisions accordingly. We arenít perfect but we usually are able to satisfy the majority of our members with the decisions we make.

Regarding the specific decisions. Weíve had a few major decisions that weíve made that are contrary to how Twistys started.

The first was moving away from licensed content and towards exclusive content. We started Twistys in 2001 with 100% licensed content. I believe it was 2003 when we started to move towards exclusive and every year since then weíve become more and more exclusive. More than 75% of our current updates are Twistys Exclusives.

The second was more video. We always had video but it was never a main focus of the site. Over the past few years weíve made it more of a focus. All our new video is shot in HD. Last year we increased our daily video updates from 1 full scene to 2 full scenes everyday.

The third is more hardcore. Our members have always illustrated to us (in more ways than one) how much they like hardcore content. Over the years weíve added more and more hardcore and as it has become a more important part of the site weíve started shooting our own Twistys Hardcore. In February we actually launched a new section of Twistys called Twistys Hard. Every week we add at least 2 Twistys Hard 100% exclusive scenes. The feedback on them has been phenomenal.

I've always been curious of What the word "Twistys" signifies. How'd you come up with that name?

My wife and I started Twistys in 2001. When we were trying to think up of a name we were thinking of everything possible. We knew the site was going to have the hottest women and was going to be classy. We just needed the right name to capture that. Then my wife remembered her Great Grandfather owned a very high end dinner club called Twistys. The domain was available and the rest is history ;)

You do a fantastic job of retaining your members. Can you explain what keeps your members coming back for more?

Iím guessing it would have to do with a number of factors.
I think the majority of our members stay as a member because we update every single day and every day we try to improve and be better. So on top of daily updates they are getting daily improvement. So anybody who joins and likes the site today will most likely like it even more in a month from now. We are always working hard to improve and deliver the best we possibly can.
For those members that have support questions, requests, comments or that participate on our board I think they appreciate our devotion to their satisfaction. We are real people that work really hard to make sure our members are happy. We listen to them and what they say matters. I think that goes a long way.

Twistys.com provides its members with nearly 11,000 digital picture sets and over 2,600 videos. How in the hell do you help members sift through all that stuff to find what they're looking for?

Weíve put a lot of time into our site navigation. We believe itís important to make it very easy for a few things to happen. First, we believe itís important that the best content rises to the top. As a new member itís impossible to know whatís happened on a site and be able to go through 8+ years of trying to catch up. Our voting system combined with our layout makes it very easy for anyone landing on Twistys for the first time to find our top models, top videos, top photosets, top whatever you are looking for. Itís all waiting for you. Second, our search engine. We built our Twistys search engine so our members could easily locate everything they could possibly want to search for. Our search engine is a work in progress and we are always looking to improve it. Everything is categorized and ordered so if you miss an update you can find it, if you like a model you can find her, if you like a set you can find it. Everything is set up to make the Twistys experience as enjoyable as possible.

Which Twistys video is your favorite and who does it feature?

Oh man thatís a tough question. You are going to get me in trouble with the models and my wife LOL. We have some really great videos. We have one Bree Olson masturbation video which is second to none. Bree shows exactly why she is one of the biggest stars today. Every one of our Kayden Kross videos are out of this world. No model gets more into it than Kayden. We have two really great lesbian videos one with Faye Regan and Georgia Jones and another with Carli Banks and Tiffany Brookes. The girls are so into each other the videos are amazing. We have a bunch of really good hardcore ones. I canít think of a favourite off the top of my head.

What are your future plans for Twistys.com?

We plan to focus on really expanding the brand. Our goal with Twistys is to be everywhere babes are. Our main goal is to continue improving and progressing our members area. Our members area is the core of our company and making sure it is as good as we can possibly make it is always our top priority. We are launching our first ever Twistys Treat of the Year in May. We are really excited about that. We plan to really expand our model recruiting and bring in as many fresh face beauties as we can for our members. All in all continue our push to making Twistys the #1 Adult Paysite.

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