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Male Celebrities

Male Celebrities Review

Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 07/09/2010

This site offers members all they'd want to learn and see of their favorite male celebs. You'll have access to the latest news, paparazzi pics, model shots, homemade vids and much more. Tons and tons of movies and picture sets are made available for downloading. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $29.95
Trial:3-days ($2.95) recurs at $39.95
Hollywood Celebs (main) , Women Only, Gay
Movie Details:
Quantity: 6200+ Movies
Avg Length:1 Minutes
Formats:MPEG, WMV
Bit Rates:800Kbps, 600Kbps
Screen Caps:No
Photography Details:
Quantity: 67,500+ Galleries
Zip Files:No
Exclusive: No
Update Schedule:
3rd Party Photos, Cams, Video Feeds
Male Celebrities Review
Webmasters:Promote This Site Support:Member Support Legal Docs:2257 Records Billing Methods:Credit Card, Check

Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 13.1 of 15
Navigation: 13.9 of 15
Quality: 14.9 of 20
Quantity: 17.1 of 20
Originality: 12.3 of 15
Updates: 11.9 of 15
Niche Rank: 2 of 40
Overall Rank: 179 of 4517

The Good

Celebrities half naked and some fully naked
You get an array of celebrity stuff and non-celebrity porn as well
Live feeds, web cams, voyeur, video porn, third party photos and Brad Pitt

The Bad

Some of the actors you don't get to see nude
New Kids On The Block

Bottom Line

There is so much content within this site that it really would take you hours upon hours to just see half of it. I liked everything offered and it was easy to navigate everything. A very good site with lots of possibilities.

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Male Celebrities Full Review

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We had a second look at this site on 07/09/2010
Previous Rating: 83.2
Updated Rating: 83.2

I put on my shades and headed back into Hollywood for another drive by Male Celebrities. I was quickly glad I did. If I had about a month to cruise and enjoy every sexy guy in this site, I'd definitely do it. As it is, I can say there are thousands upon thousands of tall, dark and handsome guys along with some blond hotties to keep you busy for days.

This site is constantly updating with the hottest actors from the newest site, so you won't have to worry about some old re-circulated shit being shoved on you. If you are a movie or tv fan, then you'll enjoy this site.

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And now on to the review...

Holy shit, you'd think you'd get in trouble viewing celebrities naked...but that's just not the case in here. There's no bullshitting either. This is all legit. The shot's and videos are taken straight from movies and magazines. Oh yeah, and there are other normal porn things too!

This site is basically compiled from over the past few decades of celebrities and what they've coughed up to the world with their nudity...or lack there of. Not every star on here shows his cock or his ass, but some of the hottest guys do, like Colin Farell and Brad Pitt. And since I didn't care to see anyone from New Kids On the Block naked, I was happy none of them showed anything either. What this site does is take shot's or video's from Hollywood movies and show you the good stuff, even if the movie sucked (or even if you've never heard of the movie) and lay it out for you. This site searches near and far looking for these shots, so all is left for you to do is to pay them; you know, for their hard earned work. I guess you could start asmassing all these scenes on your own from what's on this site, but it would take you forever and that would be kind of anti-climatic.

Something else great about this site is that it has porn offered for you. Not with any of these celebrities, but with porn star, models ect,. So basically you get a bonus of celebrities with your porn. That's not too shabby and I was quite impressed with the overall quailty and content from the "bonus" (but not really) bonus sites! I also liked the live feed's, especially from dudedorm.com.

Since I'm really not sure if these celebrities will start sueing, I would check it out. What other chance are you going to have to see these guys pose the way they're posing, when all along you want to see most of them naked anyways. Well, someone's come up with a brilliant way for you to see ut, so check it out and enjoy the plethora of content this site has to offer with celebrity and non-celebrity voyerism!

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