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Rap Video Auditions

Rap Video Auditions Review

Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 03/17/2009

The ghetto sluts featured in the exclusive content at RapVideoAuditions.com are so desperate to land a spot in a rap video that they will fuck the producer. Members to the site get to watch the action go down. They also get access to several other sites as a member to this one. Read Full Review

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Interracial (main) , Black
Movie Details:
Quantity: 35+ Movies
Avg Length:25 Minutes
Formats:WMV, Flash, DivX, M4P, M4P
Bit Rates:2000Kbps, 1000Kbps
Delivery:Downloadable, Streaming
Screen Caps:Yes
Photography Details:
Quantity: 23+ Galleries
Exclusive: Yes
Update Schedule:
Unknown - No Update Schedule Provided
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Rap Video Auditions Review
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Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 12.3 of 15
Navigation: 10.9 of 15
Quality: 16.0 of 20
Quantity: 11.7 of 20
Originality: 13.0 of 15
Updates: 9.4 of 15
Niche Rank: 14 of 95
Overall Rank: 1002 of 4517

The Good

Exclusive content.
Scenes encoded in flash video that buffers quickly at a high resolution.
Network access.

The Bad

Not a lot of content.
Site can be difficult to navigate at first.
HD video files don't look as clear as they should.

Bottom Line

Fun exclusive content available in flash and in HD, but there's not a lot of it and it doesn't look like the site updates that often, if at all.

Rap Video Auditions Full Review

You know all those hoochie mamas you see shaking dat ass in the hip hop videos on MTV? How do you think they landed that job? By being good dancers? Fuck no! Producers don't give a shit about a hoodrats dance moves! They wanna know whether or not the chickenhead knows how to fuck. The brown-skinned ladies featured in the exclusive content at RapVideoAuditions.com will get casted in the rap videos their auditioning for only after proving to the producer that they can fuck and suck.

I can almost promise that you're going to feel lost when you first log into the site. The sense of confusion you'll feel will be due to the over-cluttered network homepage you're directed to and the difficulty you'll have finding the content that you signed up for. You won't find it by clicking on the video link or picture link in either of the two navigation menus. No, that would be too easy. You won't find it by clicking on the model index link either. It's only when you click on the featured series link that you'll find the RapVideoAuditions.com content. The content you see when clicking on all those items in the navigation menus direct members to the extra content across the entire network of sites that they gain access to when they join.

Navigating and browsing the content gets a hole lot easier once you're looking at the site's content. There are two different views to choose from. One is a brief view that arranges the content in several rows and columns on one page with each scene represented by a thumb from the action. The other is called "full view" where the scenes come arranged in one column that stretches across several pages with each scene coming equipped with a description, link to the featured model's profile, link to the video options, link to the digital photo set, and a link to add the scene to a favorites folder. The videos can be watched in flash from inside of the internet browser. The flash video buffers quickly and looks fantastic. The scene can also be downloaded and watched in HD, but at a low resolution. The video quality of the HD video is the same as a DVD. The videos can also be loaded onto an iPhone or iPod. Members can leave comments about the sets and rate them if they'd like.

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