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The Habib Show

The Habib Show Review

Listed: 01/18/2008    Updated: 08/13/2010

An Arab dude named Habib sold his party store, bought a handheld digital camcorder, grabbed a couple of his buddies, and scowls the Earth with his crew filming hardcore encounters with hoodrats, hookers, whores, and hotties deep inside the ghettos of the U.S. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $29.95
Black (main) , Amateur Porn
Movie Details:
Quantity: 197+ Movies
Avg Length:32 Minutes
Formats:WMV, Flash, DivX
Bit Rates:800Kbps, 700Kbps
Delivery:Downloadable, Streaming
Screen Caps:Yes
Update Schedule:
3rd Party Photos, Forums, Video Feeds, Blog
The Habib Show Review
Billing Methods:Credit Card, Check

Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 10.8 of 15
Navigation: 8.0 of 15
Quality: 12.7 of 20
Quantity: 15.5 of 20
Originality: 14.3 of 15
Updates: 11.0 of 15
Niche Rank: 15 of 81
Overall Rank: 1145 of 4517

The Good

There is no other site on the web like this one.
Unique section that offers a look into ghetto street life.
A forum and blog are offered.

The Bad

Limited on browsing options..
Camera work isn't the greatest.
Updates to the movie archive don't seem to be very consistent.

Bottom Line

It doesn't get much more ghetto than this. Not only are the girls featured in the exclusive movies ghetto, but the site design is even ghetto. I still had a great time inside this site.

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The Habib Show Full Review

We had a second look at this site on 08/13/2010
Previous Rating: 72.3
Updated Rating: 72.3

This site appears to be quite a bit easier to navigate through. Looks to me like the site's received a bit of a makeover, like we were hoping. It looks clean, and everything's spelled out right on the home page. Even in the archives there are navigational buttons through all the pages of content. They've also added a forum so members can converse with other members or ask the admin questions. It's unclear just how often the updates come through, looks like they're coming in at random now. They do, however, update the blog frequently. The quality of the wmv files seemed to have dropped quite a bit, but the DivX format is offered in DVD quality. It'd still be nice to see these movies in HD. However, it is nice that members can stream the scenes in a flash player.

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And now on to the review...

Habib is the fucking man. This guy quit his job at The Quicky Mart, built a website, and now recruits sluts from every corner of the hood to appear in his exclusive 100% real, uncut, and unedited videos. This is probably one of the most “amateur” sites I’ve come across. Everything from the filming to the design of the site is low budget, but somehow, Habib makes it work.

Now, I’ve gotta warn ya. The women featured in these movies aren’t your typical casting couch type of sluts. These crazy tramps are picked up straight out da ghetto. Some are black and others are white. Some are Latina and others are Asian. You’ll see fat chicks, skinny chicks, tall chicks, short chicks, teen chicks, and old chicks. Some are cute and some are straight up fuckin’ haggard from head to toe. Especially, the crackheads. However, every single movie is fun to watch. Some are arousing while others are fucking hilarious.

The home page has a simple design. Next week's video, the latest updates, last and this weeks' videos, and a navigation menu all makes up the this page. The menu allows access to the amateur vids, hood vids, pictures, blog, forum and third party videos. Both of the video archives are set up identically. The only difference is that the amateur videos show a thumbnail representing each scene, and the hood videos do not.

The most entertaining portion of his site is his “Hood Videos” section. If you’re living in the burbs and you’d like to get a good idea of what life is like in the ghetto, watch these movies. You’ll see him hanging with fine looking black ladies in his apartment, shooting the shit with gang bangers on the corner, and even chilling with crack heads in crack houses.

His content is laid out in one column that continues across several pages. Each scene comes represented by a thumbnail and a description. Clicking the thumb brings up the content profile where members can download the scene available in clips or in one full-length video, or they can stream it in the window using a flash player. These movies are available in two bit rates for the WMV format, and one DVD quality bit rate in the DivX format. Keep in mind, Habib is using a handheld camcorder and it doesn’t appear like he’s really too concerned with his camera work. He's also provided a link to some pictures, but all of these are just screenshots from the movies. Not the best quality, but better than no pics at all.

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