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Ultimate Surrender

Ultimate Surrender Review

Listed: 10/02/2007    Updated: 07/14/2010

Best In Niche Bet you've never seen wrestling quite like this before. In these exclusive vids and pics, which ever chick loses the match must submit to and obey the winner. Read Full Review

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Cost Details:
Monthly: $21.95
Movie Details:
Quantity: 385+ Movies
Avg Length:45 Minutes
Formats:WMV, WMVHD, Flash
Bit Rates:1600Kbps, 900Kbps
Delivery:Downloadable, Streaming
Screen Caps:Yes
Photography Details:
Quantity: 385+ Galleries
Zip Files:Yes
Exclusive: Yes
Update Schedule:
Weekly - Twice a week
Forums, Chat, Cams
Ultimate Surrender Review
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Overall Rating
Site Design
Quality: 11.8 of 15
Navigation: 11.8 of 15
Quality: 16.6 of 20
Quantity: 18.3 of 20
Originality: 14.4 of 15
Updates: 11.6 of 15
Niche Rank: 1 of 44
Overall Rank: 126 of 4517

The Good

Very unique concept.
Exclusive content.
High-quality, professional photography and video.

The Bad

Needs more video download options.
Browsing could be enhanced.
Site design is a bit bland.

Bottom Line

Not only is it fun watching a couple of naked chicks catfighting, but now it can also be watched as an organized sport. This site rocks. Unique and fun. Site design is boring and the download options can use a face lift.

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Ultimate Surrender Full Review

We had a second look at this site on 07/14/2010
Previous Rating: 79.6
Updated Rating: 84.5

What started out as a unique twist on a very targeted fetish has turned into a full blown sport. And at the rate it's going, it wouldn't surprise me if this became an Olympic sport. Okay. That's pushing it, but honestly, this site and the female wrestling members are watching is as entertaining as any sport being played professionally. We've had a look at this site a couple of times now and I'm excited to report that it's not slowing down. As a matter of fact, the updates have increased since we last stopped by. It's gone from one a week to two a week. That means two things. The site has grown considerably and it's always fresh. The videos are still encoded at the same bit rate as before, but the screen size has been increased to HD levels. They've also added a flash video option, which buffers quickly and looks fantastic. The site is in it's seven season right now. That should give you an idea of how deep the site is.

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And now on to the review...

Did you know that the same section of the brain that makes a person horny is also where violent tendencies come from? UltimateSurrender.com not only proves this theory, but also embellishes it by throwing a couple of sluts into a ring and having them go at it. When I say "go at it", I mean they beat the shit out of each other and then fuck the shit out of each other. Talk about "make up sex"!

This site isn't set up like a typical porn site that only provides content. The site's exclusive videos document the bouts, but the scope of the site is greater than that. Members can choose to watch regular season fights, tag team bouts, or the the Summer Vengence Tournament. The final result of the standings from the regular season fights will determine which of the fighters advance to the tournament. Then members will actually follow the tournament as the results come in. The fights are organized by brackets. Each slut is fighting her way to the top of the bracket for the championship. I can't fucking wait until the 2009 Sumer Tournament begins. I'll have my money on Trina Michaels. She's an Ultimate Surrender rookie with a losing streak, but I'm confident she'll toss those beautiful tits of hers around and pull it of. The tag team bouts are the most fun to watch. There are five tag teams with two alternate fighters that'll fill in for any fighters from the teams that can't fight on their scheduled night. These chicks are fucking bad ass. That's the only way to describe them. Don't believe me? Check out their stats.

Once I familiarized myself with the sport and its rules I dove into the action. Each video is represented by a high-quality digital picture set. The pics are available in two resolutions and can be viewed individually or zipped up for download to your machine. The videos are broken up into scenes and only available in a couple of different formats including a file compatible with you portable device. The highest resolution available is HD quality. Members can also choose to stream the videos in flash that looks great and buffers quickly. I like how you can select the clips that you like and zip them up for download to your PC.

If you think you know who's going to win or if you just want to talk about a fight. Leave comments about the content for other members to read. You'd be amazed at how many comments are already left.

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